David Gupta

David Gupta

Site Founder and Grumpy Gorehound

Hailing from the frostbitten Northern lands known as Canada, you can almost always find David snuggled under a blanket drinking Molson Export and watching heinously disgusting horror flicks or weird ’70s arthouse films. Occasionally he’ll watch a good movie. Regardless of what film he subjects himself to, rest assured that his post about it will be riddled with grammatical errors that you can point out in the comments.

That’s great and all, but what’s an Illithid?

If you know what an Illithid is, you’re already a huge nerd and you’re past the point of saving. If you don’t know what an Illithid is, rejoice in the fact that you’re a normal human being and that you have friends and bathe regularly. Also, Google exists. So, y’know. Have at ‘er.



Coffee & Illithids is the place to find interesting and entertaining media reviews and opinion pieces written by a grumpy caffeine addict, his friends, and anyone else he can rope into writing for him.

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